What Are The Benefits Of A Guide Dog?

Research suggests that the benefits of a Guide Dog range from psychological, social and physiological. Also known as service dogs or seeing-eye dogs, Guide Dogs are specially trained to offer mobility assistance to people with low vision or blindness. 

These dogs help visually impaired people stop at curbs, recognise potential hazards locate where to cross and move safely through busy crowds. Anyone experiencing difficulty moving independently and safely through the community can benefit from having a guide dog.

Other Special Benefits of a Guide Dog


Visually impaired individuals are vulnerable to having feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Having a Guide Dog can reduce these risks. They know that they have a furry friend who will be by their side to help them navigate through their obstacles and get around in their environment.

Promote Social Interaction

Other people frequently talk to Guide Dog handlers while out for walks. It seems to be due to the shift in focus from the disability toward their competence in handling a highly trained dog. They are therefore encouraged to interact with others and even make new friends.

Guide Dog owners also prefer to have these beautiful animals with them in social settings. They help increase feelings of acceptance of visually impaired people amongst the community. Furthermore, a Guide Dog is an excellent talking point when meeting new people.

Increase Confidence

Visually impaired people can feel self-conscious about their use of a long cane and their disability in general. Typical day-to-day activities can be challenging, and this can result in a lack of confidence and lower self-esteem. Knowing that they have a Guide Dog to help them around gives them the confidence to try activities. 

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